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Enhance your online services

Get a portal solution for that can help your business save time, reduce paper, engage with customers and delivery compelling online services that add to your value statement.

What we do

Turn paper forms into online processes.

Save Time

Process driven on-boarding that is convenient and reduces steps.

Reduce Paper

Reduce costs of printing, filing, data-entry, and storage. Save an estimated $2000.00 annually.

Better Communication

Automate your communications and provide customers 24x7 access.

Increase Engagement

Your customers want to work online

Speed and convenience is more important to customers than ever before. Centralize your processes and services with a modern, easy-to-use portal solution. Click here to learn more about how businesses have reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction by moving to a client portal.

Design and Deploy a winning solution

What we do

We work with you to translate your business processes into streamlined online services so that communication is better, insights are at your fingertips, and you can scale your business. When you on-board a customer, it is first impression. Let’s make it great.

Our portals are highly customizable and integrate with your preferred platform, whether it be Google, Amazon, or Microsoft. We work in various industries from health-care to education. Our solutions include the critical information security and privacy policies (IIPS) and certificates needed.

You can configure your portal with features like payment processing, notifications, reporting, document automation, workflows, scheduling and booking, app integrations and more.

Business Case Study

Bridge in Action

For immigration law firms in the US, Client Bridge is helping to reduce paper, save time, and add capabilities. Their clients have a simple way to submit questionnaires online (in their native language) and a way to check on their case without calling the firm. The system applies business logic to help the attorney assess the data and pinpoint areas that affect a client's options, making for a powerful tool that can make the attorney more efficient.

Client Bridge for immigration provides ready-to-use immigration intakes and on-boarding processes. It integrates with Lolly Law Immigration Case Management and is available now. Contact for more information.


Real customers testimonials

“Our paper intakes are extensive because we work to identify parties, qualify leads, and flag issues at or before scheduling a consult. Client Bridge collects this data faster and provides me with a beautiful summary with highlighted points of interest.”
Angela Levesque
Angela Levesque
“A lot of our clients struggle with technology, that’s why paper processes have always been easier, until Client Bridge. Which is not only easy for our clients, but makes our staff more efficient.”
Miriam Sanchez
Miriam Sanchez

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